The Effects Of Breastfeeding On Children 's Children Essay

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For centuries there has been a tradition to feed people’s offspring from the source. In society it is made out to believe that it is okay to pay for a girl to undress, but not for a child to feed from his/her mother. It should be widely accepted for mothers to be able to breastfeed in public, but society rules it as being abnormal. Breastfeeding is nothing abnormal. It is an everyday thing in this society, and it always has been. Now think about this, people become disgusted by a breast peeking out but not by the girl half dressed. Many will argue that these illicit activities happen indoors in a controlled environment, while the feedings occur anywhere. Infants are not to blame as they are only victims to the hatred by the millions who come to the consensus that feeding in public is unsuitable. The fact being even if people do not like the site of a women breastfeeding, there are different laws in each state that protects the mothers. Unfavorable effects come from this negative connotation that women should not breast feed. One being that their self worth is diluted with the idea that what they are doing is reprehensible. Sexism is a big factor in the subject of breastfeeding. It is argued that it is acceptable for males to be shirtless while it is not permissible for females to breastfeed. What would people do if they knew breast milk is more beneficial than formula milk? Even though there is big controversy on the appropriateness of breastfeeding in public, it should be…

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