Essay about The Effects Of Bioprinting Processes On The Human Body

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Effects of Bioprinting Processes

While each method of bioprinting has its advantages and disadvantages, bioprinting as a whole is very helpful to society [16]. The areas of focus that considered when choosing a bioprinting method include faster production time, costs, and efficiency of material usage. The laser-induced method can be used to create organs for pharmaceutical companies. These organs are then put through multiple tests before going onto clinical trials. By doing this, drugs with adverse side effects can be found without having to be tested on by people or animals. The reason that the laser-induced method is more effective, and therefore more widely used, is because it creates the most accurate shape of an organ. The more precise the organ is to that of the intended part of the human body, in terms of shape and appearance, the better the human body is in the long run. Organova, a tissue engineering company, has already begun using this method for clinical trials. The use of extrusion-based printing has the potential to offer a life-sustaining organ to anyone in need, which makes it a very beneficial subject area to research [17]. An example of extrusion-based printing was when a six-month old child was in need of a new windpipe after suffering from a disease that left his current one constantly obstructed. Since there were no organ transplant options for a 6 month old baby’s windpipe, Dr. Green from the University of Michigan bioprinted a new windpipe…

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