The Effects Of Animal Farming

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Global warming has been a big issue in the world today. Many speakers on the topic have their own ideas on how to stop or further prevent the global temperature fluctuations. One topic has been overlooked by many on why the Earth is dying: animal agriculture. Though many people will not want to accept the simple fact that animal farming is destroying the world, evidence shows that people can halt the destruction. Greenhouse gases, land control, and human causation are all major factors towards animal agriculture 's effects towards the planet. The entire human population should limit their animal product consumption to keep the Earth prosperous. To begin, eighteen percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture alone. …show more content…
Four-hundred and fourteen billion dollars are put towards the animal agriculture business today. While given the mindset that humans are omnivorous, a person who follows a vegan diet uses 1/11th oil, 1/13th water, 1/18th land, and produces fifty percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (Wilson, Lindsey. “The Carbon Footprint of 5 diets Compared.”) When making the switch to veganism, a person will save 1,100 gallon of water, forty-five pounds of grain, thirty square feet of land, twenty pounds of carbon dioxide, and one animal 's life per day. If the human population knew what was in the food that they were eating, they would think twice about putting it in their bodies. From a post in the 2009 report by the FDA, around eighty percent of antibiotics are used for livestock in the United States. This can be an issue for meat eaters because antibiotic resistance may build up giving them no protection against potential diseases that could otherwise be stopped. The image around the world is that not enough food is produced for everyone, while in reality, the amount of food we produce is enough for around ten billion people. The entire population has been floating around seven billion for the past few years. While this food can be produced for more people, the big companies that own farming businesses are taking most of the grain and feeding it to cows. Worldwide, fifty percent of grain is fed to livestock alone. (Shah, Anup. “Beef.” 22 August 2010) Over eighty percent of starving children living in the countries where these animals are fed, do not get to consume any of the benefits. This meat is sent to Western countries where they can eat it and sell it to others in the area. Animal products have contributed a great amount of harm to the Earth’s land and natural resources and when more people make the switch to a vegan diet, instant positive effects will be

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