Essay on The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health And Environment

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Pollution is caused by substances that affect the air and water. Each type of pollution is caused by different component. One type of the pollution is air pollution. Carbon dioxide which is released from the cars is one of the reasons for air pollution. Moreover, air pollution has negative effects on human health and environment. For example, air pollution can cause some diseases like heart problems, lung disease, and asthma. Also, it affects the environment since it is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming. In addition, people use petrol and gasoline to power their cars, which produce carbon dioxide emission. However, most people use cars that are powered by petrol or gasoline, even though it affects the environment and create pollution. Recently, electric vehicles started to appear in different countries. Electric cars are powered by electricity. This means that people need to recharge the car time to time using electricity. However, there is a controversy about greenness of electric cars, and people and experts have different points of view about it. Nevertheless, sometimes the source of the electricity determines if electric cars are environmentally friendly or not.

In the article “How Green Are Electric Cars? Depends on Where You Plug In” Paul Stenquist (2012) explains that the danger of electric cars on the environment relies on where the electricity that people use to charge their cars comes from. The author reports that the amount of…

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