The Effects Of Advertising On Our Society Essay

796 Words Oct 12th, 2015 4 Pages
Nowadays, advertising is an over $200 billion a year industry. Each day individuals are exposed to over 3000 ads; despite this, many people still tend to believe that advertising does not influence their daily lives, decisions, or opinions. The ads are much more successful at selling than real products because they sell ideas and concepts like love, success, popularity, and normalcy. Jean Kilbourne, author and professional speaker, examines specific images in advertising with specific insight that is somewhat cynical. Kilbourne helps the audience realize that while the ads may seem harmless and humorous, they are collectively a form of cultural conditioning that is greatly affecting the way society and the young generations view body image. In the article “Jesus is a brand of jeans”, Kilbourne is specifically writing about advertising and how it has both a conscious and subconscious effect on our society and culture. She thoroughly explains how the world of advertising has managed to grasp our wants and needs in a way that essentially forces individuals to feel like they need a product. The advertisers want consumers to feel like without their product, they will not be happy, loved, or fulfilled. The ads exploit the human desires of people while also objectifying them, depleting the world’s resources, depleting individual’s inner resources, devaluing relationships with others, devaluing self-image, devaluing cultural values, and encouraging addictions. Advertisements…

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