The Effects Of Adolf Hitler's Concentration Camps

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Adolf Hitler was fear for many reasons. He killed millions of people, separated and changed lots of families in Europe. 1.7 million young men were killed, also 4.3 million men wounded and thousands of women, even kids. This made a total causalities of 7 million. Hitler had a group called The Nazis where they killed people in different and horrible ways. Not only killed but destroyed everything like houses, stores and entire towns called Ghettos where the Jews used to live.
Hitler had this opinion where he didn 't like Jews and wanted an only race in Europe. Just tall people with blue eyes and blonde hair. The places where he got rid of the Jews was in the concentration camps. There were different camps where people got killed. In Germany there was Bergen-Belsen. In this concentration camp was in northern Germany. It was originally established as a prisoner war camp but with the time it became a concentration camp. This place was liberated by the British. This soldiers discovered 60.000 prisoners inside, most of them starved and ill.
Another concentration camp was The Buchenwald Camp. This one was one of the first and largest in Germany. There were prisoners from all over Europe and the Soviet Union. Also the people that stayed to long inside this place used to get physically and mental illness. Nowadays, this
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In the summer people died because of the heat and overcrowded train. little kids couldn 't breathe though all the people 's bodies. In the winter it was worse because, even there were lots of people together, the cold of those northern countries in Europe used to be so cold that people died of some illness during the train trip ,the only thing that they were doing was putting in advance their death because they were going to die anyways on those concentration

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