The Effect Of Type 2 Diabetes On Health Care Costs Essay

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Type 2 diabetes is a body metabolic anomaly that makes the blood sugar to increase past normal levels. It is the commonly known form of diabetes and more than 29million people have diabetes. Among them, almost 27million have type 2 diabetes. According to the America Diabetes Association, more than $245billion was utilized in funding diabetes and their related complications in 2012. Despite the high cost, the paramount goal of the “healthy people 2020 program” is to reduce the prevalence of the condition and reduce the economic burden (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). This paper seeks to highlight on the goals and objectives of the program with regard to the impact of type 2 diabetes on health care costs. An analysis of the goals and objectives of the program will be linked to how the programs seek to reduce the impact of high cost of managing diabetes type two conditions.
Goals and objectives of the program with regard to the major impacts on health costs
Diabetes is a medical condition, which is costly to manage because of the relationship it has with other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney complications, liver diseases, and cancer among others. In order to reduce the cost of managing the condition, the program ensures that people who are at the risk of contracting the disease are examined at an early time to facilitate management of the condition. It is known that more than 57million Americans are at the risk of suffering from diabetes, but…

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