The Effect Of The Automobile Essay

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The Effects of the Automobile Some would say that the invention of the automobile and the reshaping or redesigning of cities could be compared to the plough. The plough has been reshaping the earth and ultimately drawing boundaries since its invention. How are cars doing this? You may say. It is my belief that the invention of the automobile has been reshaping/redesigning the way we live ever since its invention because of many reasons. Many people growing up have always been around vehicles I myself being one. However other people may believe that automobiles may not have changed the way we live in a dramatic way. On top of that opposers may believe that there has been a negative effect of the automobile since its invention. Whereas I believe that there has been a positive affect but it does have its down falls. Historians have created a three to four-stage transportation chronology for the American city and the use of transportation: walking city (pre-1880), streetcar city (1880-1920), and automobile city (post-1920). A different historian has divided the latter period into a “recreational vehicle” period (1920-1945) and a “freeway” period (post-1945). The first stage “the walking city” was marked by highly compact cities and towns an interminglement of residences places and workplaces therefore it was a short journey to work for those employed. During “the streetcar era,” many cities were feeling the impact of industrialization in terms of factory migration to cities…

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