The Effect Of Television On Childhood Obesity Prevention Essay

1489 Words Jan 31st, 2016 null Page
The article that I’m reviewing is, “ Role of Television in Childhood Obesity Prevention.” The author of this article is Dr. M. Caroli. The date this was published was, 2004. This is a international journal of obesity, from The author began to review the literature about the relationship between television and childhood obesity, eating habits and body shape perception. The audience the author has intended for this article is parents, and adults. My position on this article Television in Childhood Obesity is, that I neither find it to be successful or unsuccessful. The article had highs in were great points were made, yet also had some lows were it wasn 't the best spoken. The author uses argumentative criteria, credible information, and organization to bring this topic into the ears and eyes of the public. However, in this article I also found some faults, in the conclusion the author talks about europe countries but throughout the essay does not. The author also has a lot of information that is credible but, is repeated throughout the article. Finally the author states that the government should change what is put on television to help better the weight problem even though it would be difficult, and then doesn’t give explanation on how to make that happen. Further in my essay I will discuss the three criteria and faults that I found in this article. This article talks about many different points on preventing childhood obesity and causes of obesity that are…

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