Essay on The Effect Of Teachers On Students ' Adjustment

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This experiment studied how teachers can affect students’ adjustment to middle school, defined by social and academic goals, interest in class, classroom behavior, and academic performance, through Baumrind’s parenting dimensions. Teachers’ control, maturity demands, democratic communication, and nurturance affected students’ motivation, social behavior, and achievement. When teachers had high expectations, the students pursued goals and interests, while negative feedback led to poor academic performance and social behavior. Studies in the past have shown that children’s relationships with their parents contribute to how well they adjust to school; those who adjusted best had fair standards for behavior, encouragement, expectations for mature behavior, and concern for their well-being in the home. Generally, it has been found that the student-teacher relationship can affect student’s adjustment in school, both socially and academically, but no specific qualities in teaching had been found that helped students’ adjustment. This study uses the parent socialization models to examine how different dimensions of teaching affect students and their adjustment, determined by motivation, social behavior, and academic performance. Parents teach their children their values, behaviors, and goals to follow, both actively and observationally. Children are vastly affected by their social relationships which in turn affect their motivation; the more nurturing their parents are, the more…

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