Essay on The Effect Of Studying Systems Of Fetal Pig

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Effect of studying systems of Fetal pig

Purpose The purpose of this pig dissection lab is to organize the body sturcture by observing external anatomy, oral cavity, neck, superficial muscles, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, and both male and female reproductive systems. By studying the systems of the pig, it helps understand the systems of the humans because humans and pigs are both mammals which we can assume that systems of pig and human are similar.

Results The sex of pig was able to be determined by checking the urogenital opening. The major difference between male and femal pig is the location of urgenital opening.(Figure 1) If the pig was female, the urogenital opening is probably located next to the anus but my pig was male because the urogenital opening was next to the uimbilical cord. My pig was 29cm and its gestational age was 110 days. The oral cavity(Figure 2) of pig was consisted of mandible, teeth, palate, pharynx, epiglottis, glottis, esophagus, trachea, tongue, papillae of tongue and eustachian tubes. Mandible was developed at the lower jaw and helped teeth move. My pig had only two canine teeth at the upper jaw. The hard palate was seen at the top of the mouth. The soft palate was seen right next to the hard palate. The function of these palates was producing vocalization. The function of epiglottis was a role of a flap which helps food to go to stomach. The glottis was found in side of epiglottis. On the tongue, there are little ridges at the edge…

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