The Effect Of Solar And Solar On Earth Essay

1988 Words Oct 27th, 2016 8 Pages
The Sun, the closest star to Earth, and a life-sustaining necessity. It is also the center of space and solar weather, which powers and affects much of the solar system’s activities and life on Earth. Space weather goes hand in hand with the Sun’s constant gaseous activities, which depend on the Sun’s natural occurrences. This paper discusses the important topics of solar plasma, solar wind, as well as solar flares and coronal mass ejections. It also looks at human abilities to capture and use solar wind energy to further space exploration and travel in more efficient techniques and methods. Space weather produces different types of solar activities that affect our Earth and those in space. Most inherently, the interactions between solar wind and its consequences on the Earth’s magnetosphere, including its shape and direction around the Earth. We will learn the possible effects of solar flares and CME’s on Earth electric grid, and what could happen to humans in space during those instances. Since space weather and solar activities have an abundance of energy, scientists are now turning to space weather’s impeccable power to fuel spacecraft, and explore alternatives to rocket fuel. Space weather has shaped our solar system as a whole and is important to the functions of Earth and space together.

To understand the effects of solar plasma on Earth’s magnetosphere, one must look at the creation of plasma in the early days of the Sun. The Sun’s creation is similar to the…

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