Essay on The Effect Of Divorce And Children 's Mental Health

1947 Words Nov 10th, 2016 8 Pages
This study investigates the effect of divorce and children’s mental health. In this research I mainly used secondary sources, for example books, scholarly journals and newspaper articles. Previous researchers have found that children are all different and some understand divorce and handle it better than others and age makes a difference on how a person handles it. While others argue that all kids are affected by divorce even if you don 't realize it, with some kids sheltering themselves in outside activities. In building on these stories, I intend to show that divorce does effect children in different aspects of their lives.
I chose this topic because i personally went through watching my parents divorce. When my parents were going through a divorce i could already tell it would be a messy one. The arguing got worse as the months went on. During their divorce i became more of a quiet person, and i stopped talking to my mom as much about how i felt. My mom started to realize how i was feeling and she thought it would have been a good idea to put me in dance so i can get my mind off of what was going on. I think it helped because it put me back into my outgoing ways and i stopped worrying about it so much. Dealing with parents that are divorcing, as a child, you really don 't know what way it will go, if it 's gonna work out or if there will be problems along the way. I dealt with it by seeing a therapist and also enjoying my childhood without thinking it was my…

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