Essay about The Effect Of Classroom Based Exercise Breaks

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As a future teacher, I believe that physical activity and movement are vital in the education of children. It is recommended that children receive 60 or more minutes of aerobic exercise each day. However, most students do not receive this while they are in school. Unfortunately, it is common for students to receive about half of the required time. Often teachers have the students’ sit at their desk while he or she lectures to them. Many studies have been conducted and concluded that students learn best when their brain is stimulated. Unlike lectures, movement helps stimulate the brain and gains the students attention and interest. To support this claim, I researched four scholarly articles that show the importance of physical activity and movement in the classroom.
Catherine Goffreda Bailey and James Clyde DiPerna conducted a study that aimed to determine the effects of classroom-based exercise breaks. The study observed children in first and second grade classrooms. The K-5 Energizers program consist of a series of 10-to-20 minute activities that can be incorporated twice daily into the regular classroom routine. The teachers completed energizer activities prior to or follow academic instruction of at least 30 minutes before or after a scheduled break. At the end of the study, all six of the teachers that participated indicated strong agreement or agreement regarding their enjoyment of leading the Energizers activities. Most importantly, the majority of students reported…

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