The Effect Of Bioluminescence On Oceanic Life And Terrestrial Creatures

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Imagine you’re out camping in a pitch black forest. The moon is hidden by the canopy of trees and you’ve left your lantern back in the tent. There is no way to see where you are going and panic begins to set. When all of a sudden the ground around you begins to glow and visibility has returned. What is the cause of this phenomenon? To whom or what should you be thankful for? This is known as bioluminescence, a feature that causes eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms to illuminate. This is a rare trait that few creatures possess and benefit from. This document will discuss the helpful features that both terrestrial and marine life forms benefit from. Particularly mating, hunting, and defense can be further advanced with the use of bioluminescence. When the reader has finished this article, they will have a better understanding of the positive effects of bioluminescence on oceanic life and terrestrial creatures. Bioluminescence is defined as the light that is emitted biochemically by living plants, animals, and fungi. In this article, by Woodland J. Hastings and Thérèse Wilson an explanation is given to how bioluminescence functions on the cellular level, “Bioluminescence has evolved independently many times; thus the responsible genes are unrelated in bacteria, unicellular algae, coelenterates, beetles, fishes, and others. Chemically, all involve exergonic reactions of molecular oxygen with different substrates (luciferins) and enzymes (luciferases), resulting in photons of…

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