Cloudstreet Paragraph

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Register to read the introduction… He states he has he will be reunited through the words ‘a few seconds he’ll truly be a man’ and he has a ‘flicker and a burst of consciousness’. Within this moment he states he is healed with his true self.
Within this ‘flicker’ the future events in the novel Cloudstreet are told. This ‘flicker’ appears to last for an ocean of time and fish lamb is able to recite his whole lifetime while in this process of drowning. After reciting his life time the novels returns to the same scene as the prologue. From this we learn that the beginning of the story is the ending and the ending is the beginning.
Through this ‘flicker’ of time we learn about the significance of the three main themes explored in the epigraph and how the characters relate to these themes. Water has a huge connection with most significant characters in the novel, especially fish. There is a scene in the novel after he becomes mentally disabled where he is asking to remember his past and identify his family. He is able to remember his dad but he can’t remember his mother. I personally believe this is because fish would have rather died peacefully then be torn apart from his physical self. His mother was the person that saved him. She treated it as a miracle but fish saw it as a detachment from himself. From that day fish held a spiritual and emotional connection with water and he longed to reunite himself which he does at the prologue/ending as they are
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We share fish’s experiences and we eventually find how the families become intertwined. The celebration at the end is Sam pickle decided not to sell the house which is a happy ending because if he did the families would have to split and the Lamb family would need to find a new home.
Spirituality is another theme explored in the novel. When fish becomes mentally detached from his physical self he is able to hear the voices of past generations of the house. He can hear young indigenous women speaking to him. Fish is telling the majority of the novel in a spiritual form while experiencing the ‘flicker’. He is able to see all events that occur and he tells us the story of his life. He is only able to finally reunite with the part of himself that was lost in the river by drowning himself to finally achieve

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