The Educational Opportunity Program At California State University

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As a student in the Educational opportunity program, I have had great opportunities to understand the legacy José Luis Vargas has left behind for all incoming freshmen. Now the statement given to all new incoming college students that the single most important factor whether a freshman will succeed at California State University, Northridge is their ability to find mentors on campus by all understanding this means that we as new college students need the guidance of those that know what is expected to come across our path in an open environment such as CSUN. We may think that we know what is expected from us as adults, but most of the high schools that we come from do not provide us with the proper knowledge to even get through the first couple of months during our first semester. By my understanding of Mr. Vargas statement, I feel that the main concept to his saying is that we all need someone who has had experience to get us through our hardships especially when we feel the pressure of wanting to give up on all the hard labor that has gotten us this far in our educational careers. During my summer with Commuter Bridge, all the academic mentors that I had the chance to get to know gave me a transient background description of where they came from and what struggles they had gone through to get to where they are at now. At first I was not as comfortable with knowing so much history and struggles they had gone through, but when I began to hear from other…

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