The Education System Of Education Essay

1158 Words Jan 26th, 2015 null Page
Do you realize that there are over 78 million kids, teens, and also adults who enroll in school in the United States each year? But do you know that there are around 8,300 students who dropout of school every day? This really shows that there are still a lot of students that lack interest in education. On the other hand, education is really important. Every people in this world have their own dreams, and school is one of the important steps to reach it. Teachers play an important role for every student dreams. Teachers are committed to challenge all the students to reach their goals. Other than that, teacher should know the aspects of society, so every student can be succeed through the education that provided to them. In this modern era, there are too many distractions from globalization. Moreover, from both of the articles “The Banking Concept of Education” and “Against School”, I see that both articles give a lot of information about how education system works. Many students are easily bored and are also not interested in studying. Personally, I prefer to have a practical teaching rather than a theoretical education. I always found out that practical teaching is a lot more interesting and also engaging for students. Therefore, in my opinion it is the right time for teachers to change their way of teaching because it is not effective anymore. Teachers should attract students by being interactive, understanding, and fair. Presentation, project, or experiments, don’t they…

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