The Education Of The School System Essay example

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Some are born into communities and families that are up lifting and teach you the work ethic it takes to succeed in life and reach your full potential, however others come from broken families and are raised in communities that make you feel like selling drugs and committing crimes can be your only option. I come from the latter.
I was born and raised in a town just south of Fort Worth, Texas. This town is filled with gangs, criminals, and broken homes. Most of the young men and women were full of potential but were never shown the way to be productive members of society and instead chose to turn to the easy money and sense of belonging that came with a life of crime and gangs. The school system was atrocious and one could argue that it played a part in the failure of properly preparing the youth and helping to lead them down the right path. In these schools it seemed as if the teachers cared more about making it through the day than making sure that we fully understood the curriculum and teaching us the importance of proper study skills.
I grew up in a broken home and struggled with depression and a sense of belonging at a young age. When I was only for years old my parents decided to get a divorce. My mother was addicted to multiple drugs and drove our family into massive amounts of debt due to her addictions. After the divorce she was admitted into a rehab facility and my father started to rebuild. The amount of debt that my mother forced us into crippled our family. In…

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