The Education Of Children With Disabilities Essay

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Formative Education
Educators of students with disabilities can cultivate a worthwhile learning experience. The education of children with disabilities must go beyond the concern of making employees for supermarket stores. Instead, their education should develop their minds with wisdom, virtue, and eloquence (54). Formative education is a gift from God for all the children of the world, even the most struggling students. It aims for children to discern, to thrive, to serve, to know, and to live as good citizens of the Kingdom of God. Formative education for children with special needs and struggling students centers its attention on the following different structures: early intervention, strength of the mind, and development of character.
Formative education ought to commence in the initial stages of the children with special needs. By doing so, it strives to work in a structure with nurture learning, and a word-based home education (36). Early intervention should include the use of appropriate routines and the proper development of goals. To have a meaningful learning experience, the children with disabilities need to keep predictable and enjoyable routines. These routines should include recitation, memorization, and engaging approaches.Parents and should not approach the learning experience as one single class project. Instead, it should be systematic lessons that form a repetitive pattern in the daily life of the children. Every therapy and physical development…

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