The Edge School Of The Art Essay

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The Edge School of the Art puts on spectacular performances throughout the school year. They are a well known dance school in Jamaica, Queens, who influences children to be more knowledgeable in life by gaining and retaining the skills they learn in dance. ESOTA is a family owned business that was founded in 1996.Following the footsteps of Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Center, the infamous dancing school that the Edges group up in. In the school year of 2015 to 2016, The Edge School of The Arts celebrated their 20th anniversary, that I was so pleased to not only watch but be apart of. Not many business organization survive 20 years of success but Esota not only survived, they have molded numerous amounts of people into who they are today. Esota’s alumni have gone on to being successful in not only the arts but in business, science and math, all while helping their community be better. As an alumni, I saw the entire preparation starting in September for the annual June concert. The teachers, students and administrative staff were prepared for this eventful season and knew hardwork and determination were the skills to get them through this extravagant concert.
Since I witnessed a majority of the dance numbers being rehearsed, I thought I had an idea of how the show would look. On June 26, I was unprepared for how well Esota executed their concert which was themed, The Wiz. Esota’s annual concerts are usually compare to broadway musicals and this year they went above and…

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