Essay on The Economy Of Grace By Kathryn Tanner

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Introduction In her presentation of theological economy, namely, the economy of grace, Kathryn Tanner investigates the practical implications of her incarnational dogmatic enterprise. I concur with Tanner’s claim of the urgent need of an economy of grace as I take into account the ever-growing gap of wealth between the rich and the poor as well as the Global North and the Global South. Furthermore, as George Harvey rightly diagnoses, it seems to be the unbridled desire for private possession in the capitalist market that resulted in the housing bubble, which eventually “destroyed the capacity for many to acquire and sustain their access to housing use values.” (George Harvey, 21). To top it all, the housing market crash triggered a global crisis. Nevertheless, ironically, while the economic life of commoners and small businesses suffer, many corporate companies and major financing companies are enjoying the joy ride of increasing profits (The Price of Inequality, 469-70). Above all, Tanner’s economy of grace is strongly invited in the current global capitalist market in that her suggestion addresses the problem of people’s alienation in the market that operates under the rubric of profit maximization. However, I find the theological ground of Tanner’s economic suggestions problematic. To be specific, first, in her Christology, whereas Tanner adopts the Cyrilian take on the incarnation, she rejects his theopaschitic bent. Second, in her incarnation-centered…

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