What Money Can T Buy By Michael Sandel Analysis

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“What Money Can’t Buy” written by Michael J. Sandel introduces the recent phenomena of the ever-growing market economy expanding into all realms of life. The author argues that within the market economy, the prevalence of unfairness and corruption are at an all-time high. Sandel goes on to introduce the reader’s to the extreme pace that non-market items are entering into the market economy, including some very absurd examples that make the readers question the morality of the market itself. Overall, Sandel did an exceptional job analyzing the current market system, as well as connecting the market with fairness, corruption, and morality. A major theme that the author focused on in “What Money Can’t Buy” was the growing pervasiveness of prices being placed on …show more content…
He expressed to his readers what can happen when non-regulated items enter into the world of economics and market economies, such as the killing of endangered rhinos and walruses and the ability to buy an “immigration pass”. After each section, it was easy to understand what stance the author took for each specific good or service. The focus on fairness and corruption allowed the readers to dive deeper into each topic and look at it through a different lenses then how it would have been viewed originally. The author did a great job at connecting the similarities between the market and how corruption and fairness fits perfectly into it. Overall, it is evident that the growing imperialism that is spreading throughout the market is creating a larger sense of unfairness towards the poor and impoverish, as well as corruption within goods and services that were once valued. In conclusion, the author’s argument surrounding the market economy, fairness, corruption and morality is completely valid in today’s world. It is absolutely significant and should be examined and critiqued by all of

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