The Ebola Virus By Nina Pham Essay

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The Ebola virus is a typically fatal disease that was first discovered and in Africa. In the year of 2014, there was a strain of the Ebola virus that appeared in West Africa and caused much nationwide fear, as people began to show signs of the disease in America, after traveling overseas. One such case of an infected person in America is that of Nina Pham, a Dallas nurse who contracted the Ebola virus after working with a patient. Nina Pham later made the statement that the hospital for which she worked for did not have any protocols, which caused the process of removing the Hazmat suit that she was wearing to be flawed. It is possible that if hospitals and other healthcare providers practiced Hazmat suit training and drills on a more regular basis, then health care workers would be less likely to contract the Ebola virus.
Although Nina Pham was later treated for Ebola virus disease, another issue was brought forward from the incident of her catching Ebola. The fact that someone who worked in a healthcare field could catch a virus by simply not removing her Hazmat suit carefully enough, scared many as it seemed that the virus was easily spread to others. Despite Ebola not being airborne, it can be found in common bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, vomit, and diarrhea. Hazmat suits work to create a protective layer between the person in the suit and the potential hazardous environment on the exterior. Even with the defensive qualities of the Hazmat suit, it is crucial that…

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