The Earth And Its Environment Essay

2430 Words May 3rd, 2016 10 Pages
The universe as we know it only consists of one planet that can sustain life--our Earth. It’s the one planet that humans and animals alike call home, and it can be pretty astounding too. But, as time goes on and technology develops, people begin to take the Earth and its environment for granted. In today’s world especially, the environment suffers at the cost of economic success. In China, the improving, yet short-sighted economy has directly led to the destruction of the environment, but with the help of alternative energy sources, its ecosystem will be able to thrive once again. To start, China’s otherwise volatile economy has remarkably improved in the last thirty-five years. In fact, according to a statistic put out by Marginal Revolution University, a program at George Mason University, since 1979, China’s GDP has increased by 10% each year up until 2015. GDP, or gross domestic product, is the monetary value of any country 's goods and services within their borders (Cowen). GDP is a good indicator of economic growth and decay. Increasing GDP more or less illustrates a growing economy, just like a decreasing GDP suggests an economic recession. This has a large impact on virtually everyone within that economy, depending on if the GDP increases or decreases. Significant changes in this figure can have repercussions on the stock market, employment rate, labor wages, and in work demands. If the economy is in succession, as China’s is, those aspects inflate (“What is GDP…

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