The Drama Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Essay

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In Tennessee Williams’ play, the drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, certain themes from the playwright’s own life are reflected throughout the plot of the play. Having watched the play in class, I will analyze and discuss the plot, characters, and themes of the play by including examples from the play. Furthermore, I will mention how the art of the play resonated with me, and what I learned from the play about theatre.
Williams’ play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof follows a climactic plot structure with a cause and effect type of construction. The play opens up with introducing the Pollitt family, a Southern family in crisis, gathered at the family estate to celebrate the birthday and “good” health of Big Daddy. The doctor gave the joyful news that there was no cancer detected in Big Daddy’s body. His wife, Big Mama, two sons, Brick and Gooper, their wives, Maggie and Mae, and his grandchildren are all in attendance for this celebration. The play’s exposition would consist of introducing Brick as a drunken, yet handsome young man, at his old high school football field attempting to jump hurdles. However, Brick falls and breaks his ankle. The scene shifts to introducing Maggie, Brick’s wife, as a very beautiful woman who dislikes children. After a “no-neck monster” threw ice cream at Maggie, she quickly ran up to her and Brick’s room to clean up. Williams then presents one of the main conflicts of the play, which is between Brick and Maggie concerning their unhappy marriage. Getting more…

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