The Divorce Rate And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Statics show that the divorce rate continues to increase during the past decade. One scholar believes that around forty-two percent of marriages end in divorce. When marital status became so severe that the couple cannot live together anymore, the divorce is seen as the most satisfactory solution. However, the divorce involves many complex consequences from children’s affections. Not only divorce gets parents in the suffering, but also left many unpredictable consequences for children. With those families which have only a father or mother has become more difficult to control and to teach the children; this trend has led to a series of research and analysis on the effects of divorce on children. Through these studies, scientists have synthesized and given the consequences that children suffered because of the tragedy of divorce. Increasing dropout can also come into play. Research in 1994 by McLanahan, Harvard University Press showed that “the high school dropout rate of children of divorced parents is roughly two times higher than that of children of which the parents did not divorce”. If a child is lucky not to change school and get to know the teachers, new friends, then those unintentionally teasing from their peers on the state of “missing father” or “absent parent” can make children afraid to go to school. In addition, these subjects can consult from a former parent as well as interrupted schooling makes a child’s situation more serious parts. According to Children…

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