The Disruptions And Problems Associated With Technology In The Classroom Case Study

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Educators want all students to succeed in learning skills in classrooms. However, there are some problems that these students with an LD encounter in classrooms with learning skills. Some of the students have problems with instruction because they are easily distracted. Some of the students are distracted by bullying problems from their peers (Hinduja, S. & Patchin, J. W. (2012, p. 8). Many researchers have reported that students with LD had lower letter word identification scores, than students without disabilities (paragraph 1). Also, students with LD have lower social skills and struggle with classroom behavior problems. These problems can be devastating and prevent students from learning during instruction.
Most students tend to lose interest and motivation about learning skills and they have problems with earning proficient scores in subjects. This qualitative study will explain the urgent need to increase
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The disruptions and problems associated with technology in classrooms are created by students bringing their own devices to school. This creates problems with theft, and text messaging during class time. Instead of students learning skills they are distracted by improper use of technology.
Students should focus and engage in performing academic activities in classrooms, so they will learn and improve their assessment scores. According to Barbara Stocking (2005) educators should have a vision about where they are headed. Educators should encourage students to create their own vision about careers and what they will do after graduation. Teachers should help students to comprehend the purpose of education and learning and what proceeds knowledge and learning.

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