The Disability Portrayed And How It Was Represented Essay

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The disability portrayed and how it was represented

In the movie Miracle Run the mother, Corrine of twin boys, Steven and Phillip discovered that her boys were autistic after many doctors told her that there was nothing wrong with them. Doctors were unable to conclude any problems associated with the boys. Corrine was told by doctors that boys developed slower than girls. She was also told that twins developed their own language. The movie started out with the boys being children and ended when they were in high school. They did not have any form of verbal communication as children. One of the boys, Philip did however, repeat everything that he heard others say. They did not have any social interactions while at school or their home. They were always off to the side playing by themselves.
In the movie, the boys were sensitive to loud noises. Every time they heard a loud noise they covered their ears and had a meltdown. For example, while in the car driving home a police drove by them with their sirens on. The boys covered their ears and became frantic. Autism was portrayed as a undesirable aspect. For example, Corrine tried to find a babysitter for the boys because she wanted to start looking for a job to start working. She responded to ads in the newspaper regarding babysitting perspectives. At first she did not have any luck finding a babysitter when she disclosed that she had twin boys with autism. She finally found a lady in the newspaper ad for the job. The lady…

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