The Dimensions Of Sexuality : What You Don 't Know About Marriage

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I believe that out of the three dimensions of sexuality the video “What you don’t know about marriage” addresses the psychological dimension. The video describes aspects, feelings, and experiences that we may feel that contribute to the success and failure of marriages. In the video Jenna McCarthy describes how certain behaviors and actions, such as men doing household chores, contribute to the wives becoming more attracted to their husbands, creating a chain reaction. Where the husband attracts the wife, the wife is more open to providing more sex, more sex satisfies the husband and is genuinely nicer and appreciative-like towards the wife, the wife is happy towards the attitude, and the relationship all together sustains to be a happier one. (McCarthy J. , 2011) Another concept briefly discussed in the video, McCarthy presents the information that in a happier marriage the wife is thinner and more attractive than the husband, in the sense of being smaller than the husband not achieving to be tiny in general, which ties in with the more sex leading to “marital bliss.” (McCarthy J. , 2011) According to an article What makes for a stable marriage? there are correlations between the amount of dating time, amount of money made, cost of wedding, and number of guests with the likelihood of the success or failure of a marriage. There is a 20 percent less likely outcome of divorce with being together for one to two years before proposal, and a 39 percent less likely outcome of…

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