The Different Types Of Communication Essay

1462 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
Within my household, there are many different types of communication. As a whole, we do not do well communicating with each other. My dad would be classified as an aggressive communicator. My mom on the other hand, is entirely a passive communicator. She struggles to get across her emotions clearly. The combination of these two types of communication, is not always a good one. My parents’ relationship is strong and unwavering yet, their ability to communicate well is sometimes lacking. They often times butt heads and are also both very stubborn. I definitely am a mix of both of my parents when it comes to communication. Often times I am a very assertive communicator. But when something is deeply troubling me, I tend to be more of a passive communicator and not talk about things. Even if it is entirely evident that something is going on. My other three sisters are all passive communicators as well. Boston is too young to be able to identify what type of communicator he is. I myself would like to see my parents communicate better, and more clearly. For me personally, I would like to work on being less passive aggressive, and be more assertive in what I want to communicate. I think the biggest and most important goal for my family in terms of communication, would you be prioritize good communication more often.
Conflict is viewed as something to be resolved in my family. It is not seen as something to dwell on, or something to hold against people. With as many siblings as I…

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