The Different Decisions Made By The Dominions Essay

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The different decisions made by the dominions in 1939 about their involvement in the war vividly illustrated that their common allegiance was to a divisible crown, there was, however, more to Commonwealth cooperation than free association imperial defense. Benefits to their continued relationship with Britain and the Crown included migration, shared ideals, business and commerce and sentiment and the reciprocal benefits for Britain would be the extra manpower, political fidelity and various economic benefits. The Dominions had became politically independent, but loyalty to the crown had proven strong, still, possibly due to large diasporas in each of the previous colonies. There were those who still subscribed to an imperialist agenda. The idea of unity and maintaining close relationships with Australia and Canada, the Commonwealth, was still a pertinent one to some. It is also important to note the personal relationships between countries which existed during the war. Prominent leaders had met on various occasions before the war broke out, whether at the turn of the century, international conferences throughout the twenties and thirties, or visits to parliament. Impressions of nations and their people had been made, judgements cast, and relationships had been created.
Air Force and Its Impact

“It was therefore suggested that instead of forming and training complete units for despatch overseas, Dominions should concentrate solely on training to provide a pool of air…

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