Family Subsystems Case Studies

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General Assessment (Same for Structural, Strategic, and Solution Focus Standpoints)
1) Subsystems
a. When looking at this family as a whole there are three Spousal/Partnering subsystems to consider. These spousal-partnering subsystems includes Brenda and her deceased husband, Kay and Renee’s father, and Kay and her unborn baby’s father.
b. When looking at the Parental subsystem there is both Renee’s grandmother and mother, Brenda and Kay. When Kay fell into active addiction she was displaced from the parental subsystem and Brenda was placed as the main parental figure for Renee.
c. There is currently not a Sibling subsystem. However, if Kay carries the baby to full term the sibling subsystem will consist of Renee and the baby.
2) Boundaries/Connection
a. Kay and Brenda: minimal connection because they do not talk much. I also think there is heavy conflict between
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Deceased Grandfather and Renee’s father: Unknown connection and unknown conflict.
n. Family’s boundaries with the outside world: There is not enough information to determine the family’s boundaries with the outside world. If I had to guess the family’s boundaries would be rigid. Given that in this case study there is no mention of outside supports for Renee and Brenda, or mention of any other family members outside of the main family system. In conclusion, I assume that the family is shut off from the outside world and therefore have rigid boundaries.
3) Power & Alignments
a. Brenda’s power is high. She is the main caretaker for Renee and is one of the main financial and emotional supporters for Renee and Kay.
b. Kay’s power is low compared to Brenda’s power but is high compared to Renee’s power. She is not the primary caretaker of her daughter, Renee.
c. Renee’s power is low. She is a 7-year-old child.
4) Roles
a. To be sure in the roles of each family member I need more information about the family. The roles as described in this bullet are with speculation about how I think the family

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