The Political Policies Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

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As we are slowly making our way to November, we are reading about policies that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have. The Democratic and Republican nominees have different views on everything. Both have large followings, with quite a lot of people opting to vote for a third-party. While it is important to read over each of Trump and Hillary’s policies, some stand out more than others. Environmental issues are important. Many people are advocating for a much greener nation and others believe that global warming isn’t an issue. Both candidates have spoken out about the environment and other problems relating to it. Their stances and policies will be laid out in this paper. Donald Trump was an unexpected nominee for the republican party. …show more content…
Should Hillary become president, she would ratify the Paris Agreement and work with businesses to be greener. Trump would focus more on other issues besides environmental, but has shown support for creating more renewable energy. Trump is concerned with creating jobs for people over the United States. He wants to open mines to keep miners in work. Both him and Clinton support fracking, just in different places. Fracking in the Artic would be dangerous, but Trump has named that as one of the places we should. Clinton wants to export fracking in other countries which would be dangerous for the people there. Trump would like to become more independent with natural gas, stating that we have new technology that we should utilize (Yale 2016). Clinton has similar ideas, but she wants to slowly switch to renewable energy. Each candidate has their own ideas about the environment and how we should proceed with it. The impacts will be national and global no matter who is elected. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s views on environmental policies follow with their respective party. Trump is focused on creating jobs and doesn’t think that climate change is as big as a problem as something like ISIS. Clinton believes we need to work on climate change because it will affect generations to come if we don’t start working on fixing it now. Both are in favor of renewable energy, but will go about it differently. This election year has been rocky with each candidate. It will be interesting to see who will win and what their impact will be on the

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