The Differences Between Cellular Technology And The Concept Of Technological Progress

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Throughout my day-to-day life I am able to constantly keep in touch with friends and family through my mobile phone. This form of communication is essential on how I construct my day, as it is a tool in coordinating group events or even communicating with work colleagues. It becomes very difficult to imagine my life today without being able to easily communicate with someone by pushing one button. The device I use now allows me to communicate through different platforms such as FaceTime, text messaging, phone calls, and Emojis. Cellphones help enable me to communicate with others in a very interactive and creative way. On the other hand, communicating on a mobile device looked much different for my dad when he was a young adult, his cellphone was mainly used for business; and instead of hour conversations they were usually short and to the point. Throughout this essay I will examine the differences in these forms of media through personal experiences, the evolution of cellular technology and the concept of technological progress.

A simplified way of understanding older mobile technology is by seeing devises as a two-way radio system. This idea became extremely influential in the 20th century, as telegraphs were no longer needed to communicate (Gershon, 2003, para.1). Gershon (2003) explains that development of mobile devices began within the duration of World War II, although telephone services did not advance until the early 1980’s. The first commercialized service was…

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