The Diet Of The Vegetarian Diet Essay

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Has mankind found its savior? Nationally(US) about 7.3 million people live primarily on a vegetarian diet while about 1 million of those are vegans. The vegetarian diet is a plant-based diet with the exception of animal product like milk, cheese, and eggs, the vegan diet is a vegetarian diet that eliminates animal product all together. A plant-based diet is sacred to many cultures and also is ideal for some because it is thought to take humans to another plateau of Physicality making you stronger and more fit than the average human being. It is also believed ethically it is wrong to kill other animals. The vegan diet is also perceived by many to be better for the environment opposed to an average diet that contains meat. Even though the diet is placed highly by many this does not mean that it is the best diet for mankind. Despite the short term benefits plant-based diets offer they should not be labeled as a better alternative to meat based diets.
A plant-based diet can be very rewarding if done on a short term, the effects of being on a plant-based diet really change when done for a long period of time. A diet is one of the mass contributors to maintaining a healthy physical being next to exercise and sleep. A plant-based diet has minimal fat, it is a common myth that fat drives obesity and unhealthiness, this is true when it comes to Saturated fats which is a fat that contains only saturated fatty acids. Fatty acids are important for all systems of the body to function…

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