The Devil Behind Innocent Face Essay

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Devil behind innocent face

My mother did not knew behind that innocent face there could be a devil hidden. By the time the truth of devil came out, it was too late to step back. She still choose to be silent.
My parents were arranged marriage when they were in their teenage. My mother never complained about anything to her parents because young marriage was the culture. She dropped out of high school. After two years, my she fell in love with my father because his personality attracted her. My dad was the nicest guy she had ever meet and he would fulfil her wishes.They would go to out at the city which is few hours away from camp. He would buy her clothes and feminine products. They would go out to eat dinner at fancy restaurant in city which is expensive for people who lived in camps. She was the happiest person on earth as she describes when we talked about her past.She had me when she was only 18. He loved his family like no other family guy would do.Then, She had my brother after 3 years. They were the happiest parents and we were the happiest children. We did not had everything but we were happy because we had each other.
I was 8 years old, One night my parents had a huge physical fight. It was not normal like other days fights.My dad came home from work and started to curse at mom. He yelled and said, “Kaha cha tyo randi”, it means where is this whore. She was shocked to hear that words from him.Mother tried to explain to him but he was not in the…

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