The Development Of The Plc Essay

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The Development of the PLC
While much conversation and testifying on the topic of professional learning communities has been done, not many examples and insufficient well-defined information that can lead the establishment of such organizations within school are offered. The preliminary strategies that are significant to communicate to educators that want to develop professional learning communities within their schools are the following:
Establish School and Staff Readiness
Regardless of who is the initiator of a PLC (a school administrator or even a coordinator outside the school) interested in developing a professional learning community within a school, one of the first steps is to implement an assessment of staff readiness. The implementation of the PLC is going to be an easier process if within the school:
• the teachers are provided with daily planning time
• the staff values the principal
• the majority of the educators network professionally with each other
• teachers have been invited to participated in the decision-making process or problem solving groups
• the staff operates under the viewpoint of doing what is best for the students (Wald & Castleberry, 2000).
These significant topics have to be addressed by the individual interested in nurturing a professional learning community in a school. Even if a school is ready to become a professional learning community, commitment and patience has to be exercised by the ones involved in the process as well as a…

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