The Development Of Obamacare On Health Care Essay

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The development of Obamacare helps to increase the utilization of health care, improve the quality, and makes healthcare more affordable. Another factor that may affect health care providers is more providers may be willing to accept Medicaid insurance. Overall, Obamacare will increase business and the use of services, which will most likely cause a decrease in the cost of health care services.
Policy implementation:
The beginning phase for the implementation of Obamacare is rulemaking. In this process the rules and regulations of Obamacare were developed. Every level of government is involved with the making of Obamacare, but the executive branch plays the primary role. Even though Congress passed Obamacare and president Obama signed off on it, there was still a few bumps in the road. One of the major legal issues was working to get all states onboard with expanding Medicaid. The expansion of Medicaid is one of the key components in Obamacare being successful, but legally states are not obligated to comply with expanding Medicaid coverage in their specific state. Obamacare implementation process includes creating more governmental funding insurance to cover those who are considered low-class citizens. While at the same time trying to control citizens by forcing insurance coverage purchases or face being fined or taxed for not having insurance. Dealing with the operational side of things insurance coverage and good health is now being pushed to be a must in the U.S. Now…

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