The Development Of Human Services Essay

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Introduction As time advances, the development of human issues inside our modern world become more challenging for many within our society. Some have vanished over time while others have evacuated to suit with the changing times of the world. The changing period has brought along problematic trends where a growing number of people faces issues that are among poverty, children and families, and the advancement within technology.For example, due to the high demand and abilities technology contains, people within the workforce are being trained for jobs that are beginning to phase out or no longer exsit,causing many to lose their jobs and become apart of the growing recession( Woodside & Mcclain 2015).The problematic trends have set misery upon the individuals from our general public both directly and indirectly, causing us as one to become an unbalanced society desperate for guidance. Some of these issues can be easily solved while others can seem to be the impossible;however,through a time in need individuals can rely on professionals in the field of human services to assistance them in confronting the barriers of society and meet their basic needs to uphold a stable life within our unbalanced society.
Human Serivces & How it Helps Human services is a broadley defined field derived from the six perspectives: themes and purposes, interdisplinary nature, helping relatonships, management principles, professional roles, and professional activites that guides professionals…

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