Geriatric Social Worker Essay

When I 'm finished with school I want to be in the social work profession. The beauty of social work is there are so many different groups of people that I can help. I have yet to decide which group specifically I would like to help, but for right now let 's say I want to be a geriatric social worker. As a geriatric social worker there are many things I am going to need to know about older adults and their lives. I am going to need to know about the stages of grieving, the affects of care-giving on the older adults and the family, along with my communication styles and how I can better change them to work with older adults. I will also need to know what social services I can provide for them to make their lives better. I am going to start with the stages of grieving. It is very important for me as a geriatric social worker to understand the stages of grieving. My main job as a social worker will be to find program and services for the older adults for their own well-being, but sometimes I will also have to work as a counselor to my clients. I will need to help them cope with all the …show more content…
My future job is to make sure everyone feels or has these things including older adults. They need to realize that they are just as important as any one else and that their dignity and worth is just as much as anyone else. I will advocate for all of these things and making sure that the older adults have everything that they need. I can do this with all of the tools that I have learned in this class. I can learn to better understand them along with all of the other groups that I will be working with. This includes the grieving process, the affects of family care-giving, and different communication skills. All of these are important to ensure the social welfare of older adults and the other groups I will be working

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