The Destruction Of The Earth 's Lungs Essay

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The destruction of the Earth’s Lungs: During any given moments in the average human’s typical day, a large portion of the Amazon rainforest will have just been destroyed by bulldozing government agencies that work on an industrial scale in efforts to increase marketing globalization. The Amazon in South America is the largest rainforest on Earth despite it’s increasing destruction, the Amazon remains as half the planet’s remaining rainforest, inhabiting a diverse group of species of plants and animals. The Amazon continues to play an essential role in cleaning the Earth’s air by absorbing global emissions of carbon dioxide produced by the human race through use of cars, and power stations. However, deforestation in the Amazon is essentially the destruction of the Earth’s lungs and without the Amazon’s benefits the critical effects of global warming will be evident throughout the planet. The Amazon is an incredibly vast region that covers the countries of Brazil, Peru, Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname. The global concern of Amazon deforestation involves the destruction of rainforest trees by humans, the destruction approximately includes the removal of over 40 percent of the growth in forested land area by burning or logging. When groups of people remove forested land through the use of burning, the land is cleared at the fastest rate however burning the rainforest plants release carbon into the air which forms carbon dioxide.…

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