Pros And Cons Of Desert Survival

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Pros and Cons
The benefits of making a decision as an individual or a group can generally be weighed by each individual. One of the pre-requisites of group decision making is that everyone must be willing to work together on a team. Some people do not work well in teams and would be a more effective worker by working on their own.
Additional cons of group work are that within an organization there are many ways for a group to fail or become dysfunctional. If a work group is not established strong with a capable leader and clear goal it will be difficult for the individuals in the work group to accomplish much.
Working under a manager who wants to implement the structure of a work group rigidly can be cause the group to become dysfunctional. This can make being a part of a work group a unpleasant experience and cause someone to be reluctant to join another work group at a later time.
When implemented
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I knew that the chances of getting the right items would be better from a group standpoint. But even knowing that I still believed that I would be able to make a better decision on my own. I don’t think this was a pride issue, just an over confidence in myself that I could make a better decision.
In my choosing of the items for the Desert Survival Experience I was focused on a general mindset of survival. I knew the best decision would be to wait, but that is in an ideal scenario. In a real-life experience there may be some sort of unforeseen circumstances that cause the group to have to go mobile, even if only for a short distance. Knowing that all fifteen items would be allowed to stay within the group, I imagined that the first five would be for me to carry. The other ten items would be for my fellow teammates to carry; this made me chose what I felt I could survive on my own with the items I would

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