Examples Of Groupthink

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Groupthink and The Past

Groupthink is a term that means a group that makes a faulty decision, and it is because the group place’s pressures on an individual that lead to deterioration of a mental capacity, reality testing, or moral judgment( What is Groupthink. (n.d.). Groups that are affected by groupthink ignore various alternatives and tend to take irrational actions that lead to dehumanization to other groups. A group is usually vulnerable to groupthink when the members of it are similar in background, and when the group is insulated from outside opinions, and the rules for decision making are unclear. Examples of groupthink are called fiascoes studied by Janis, the social psychologist who founded the phemenonen, and it includes
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Encouraging authentic dissent, and encouraging authentic minority dissent in teams people in the groups can actuate a search for more information on both sides of the issues on t he issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed (Groupthink, 2017). The downside of this is that dissenters are disliked, and treated unfairly, so the team leaders should establish policy procedures to protect alternative viewpoints, thus protecting other views from backlash and being relegated to outgroup …show more content…
To avoid groupthink and keep communication open, it is vital for someone to become the leader or statesperson or to get the work done through others (Groupthink, 2017). High-quality decisions are not made through intimidation, and bosses have no idea why people do not speak up, however the reason why they do not is because they are likely to be attacked, and bosses encourage the best from the groups when if the leader can be clear, then there is the likelihood that norms of disagreement will

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