The Desegregation Of The Education System Essay

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Thesis: Despite the desegregation of the education system, many minority students are still evaluated based upon their race, and limitations are shackled around their success.
"BLACK ENTERPRISE Holds Symposium on America 's Postsecondary Education Challenges." PR Newswire 26 Mar. 2013. Student Resources in Context. Web. 11 Apr. 2016.
The author clearly conveys the apparent issue of under educating students of color, and immediately recommends a course of action. By critically evaluating current structures of all educational facilities, and providing meaningful feedback to better serve the students, Black Enterprise and its partners will transform and present solutions to the quality of our education system. A change must be made in order to graduate more students of color and better prepare them for America’s very competitive workforce.
The claims addressed in this article directly provide insight to the struggle that African American students face within the education system. To better understand the conflict, officials used professionals of color to suggest how to fix the problem, being that these individuals may be able to relate to similar issues that they may have experienced whilst growing up as a minority in America. This article would be very beneficial to any English classroom because it presents a clear problem-solution situation. The way officials handled correcting the problem will suggest to students that you must use a reliable source in order to obtain a…

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