School To Prison Pipeline Essay

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The school-to-pipeline term according to Lia Epperson is, “One of the most disturbing factors presently limiting educational advancement is the significant racial disparity in the apportionment of school discipline. Due to a series of state-enacted policies throughout the last two decades, school districts across the nation have adopted so-called “zero tolerance policies” that apportion the harshest of criminal punishments for minor, nonviolent offenses. Through such state policies, students of color— and particularly African American children—are overwhelmingly more likely to suffer suspension, expulsion, and arrest, often for nonviolent infractions. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the “school-to-prison pipeline.” Today’s school-to-prison …show more content…
This has created an increase of dropouts, more fighting offenses and dangerous weapons on school grounds. We need more schools to have an uplifting approach instead of suspending or expelling students because students miss out on a free education due to a suspension or expulsion. Like the Jim Crow Laws, segregation was taken more seriously in the southeastern part of the United States. In states like Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, racism still exists. On the other hand, in the Western and Northern part of the United States, we rarely see incidents involving racism. This issue is hindering students trying to achieve critical skills that are needed throughout the rest of their life. Additionally, it is affecting the students who are not involved in the disciplinary issues because it distracts the teachers and educators from presenting their education and critical skills they need. Also, these students strike fear into educators, parents, administrators, and most importantly, the students. “The growing fear and sense of helplessness felt by the nation for ensuring children’s safety in schools has served as a catalyst for an array of policy changes that have radically militarized schools through the expansion of the role of law enforcement measures. The transformation of our

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