Essay on The Depression Of The Great Depression

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In a facebook post on March 9 2016, Gerald Mullen said “When we were lucky enough to have cheerios & milk, we had to eat 'em with a fork, then pass the unused milk on to the next kid.” Gerald Mullen grew up in Southern Indiana during the Great Depression and lived the tough life that many others had to live as well. Families struggled earning enough money to live off of and many time children would have to drop out of school to go work. Depending on where the family lived, struggles varied. The biggest hardships that caused households grief were damaged farmland, alcoholism, and unemployment.
With hilly terrain and terribly eroded soil, southern Indiana suffered greatly in agriculture during the Great Depression. Land referred to as “ten year land”, which laid in the upland ridges of southern Indiana, eroded worse than any other place in Indiana. Eroded and useless, the land could not be farmed, therefore, farmers were not able to pay property taxes and bills to keep their farm and we forced to sell what little land they owned. (History) Abandoned and forgotten, the farms were sometimes raided of what little was left of them. Raiders, though, did not just rob from abandoned farm land. In the book Dufftown, by Hugo Songer, Songer retells a story of an encounter with a raider: “ Our chickens were raising a ruckus one night and the dog, Nipper, was going crazy too. Dad got up, loaded his shotgun, and went outside. Clearly someone, or something, was in the chicken house so he…

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