Why Is Donald Trump A Bad President

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Help Us President. A simple title that holds so much power over the course of every American’s life. Every choice made by this single individual has direct impact on the country. The voting and choosing of this individual is crucial, and America, as a country, made a huge mistake when voting Donald Trump into office. The United States now has a scheming, narcissistic, sexist individual taking the title. A title that allows him to get away with things he should not and have control he does not deserve. Donald Trump was a horrific choice.
Various reasons lead to why Trump is such an awful president, but of the most important is his consistent lying. There have been countless incidents where Trump has been caught in his own lies, but still refuses
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Matthew Tully, working with USA Today, wrote “He has spit on our values, stood on the side of hatred and bigotry, and stained our country in ways that will be studied with sadness for centuries.” He has widely spread and brought bad attention to racism. Trump started this before he even began his time in the Oval Office. The second he talked about building a wall between the United States and Mexico, he has sparked a major comeback in the subject of racism. Some say, “Donald Trump has given powerful fuel to racist’s and bigots.” (USA Today). And those people are right.
Furthermore, Trump is known for doing what he whatever he wants, whether it is constitutionally right or not. On the 13th of October, Trump tweeted “In America, we don’t worship the government, we worship God.” Even though the Constitution states that the United States has separation of church and state, Trump is out tweeting about how the country “worships God.” He fails to acknowledge any religion other than his own, but his religion should not impact how he runs a country that is a melting pot of many different religions and
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The country has seen multiple attacks on women from Donald Trump. One of the most recent issues that has blown up over social media is birth control. Trump and our legislators, who are mostly men, have decided that birth control is not basic healthcare and should not be covered by insurance. Sophia Bush, a famous actress, has used her platform in the spotlight and as a celebrity to educate others on the many reasons why women use birth control, including: to ease pain, to regulate flow, and as contraception (video). She explains that Donald Trump is taking this out of insurance coverage, yet Viagra is allowed. This is one simple example of how Donald Trump favors men over women, and the unequal treatment he is trying to

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