The Denial Of Jesus Divinity Essay

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The denial of Jesus divinity in the Quran is one of the primary methods the text has of minimizing his role relative to Christian Christology and upholding the basic Muslim tenet that there is no god but the one and true God (la ilaha illa allah). Jesus is mentioned 25 times by name in the Quran, as opposed to Muhammad’s five singular mentions, in addition to being called the spirit, word, messenger, and prophet of God . While a central figure, each mention ensures that Jesus is seen as being nothing more than a servant on a mission. This contradistinction is the principle distinguisher between the Biblical Jesus and the Quranic Jesus. The Quran goes as far as to address the contemporaries, and possibly people of all time, by confronting Jesus’ divinity, saying, “"Those who differed concerning him [Jesus] are in doubt regarding it [the truth]; they have no knowledge of it [the truth] save the following of conjecture.” However, as Ayoub points out, “Prophethood in Islam is the divine answer to human folly and false confidence…Human fulfillment must be achieved through human prophets; the Quran therefore insists on the humanity of God 's messengers” . Therefore, just as Jesus’ divinity is central to Christianity, his humanity is equally important to his message according to Islamic tradition in that only the mortally human, as guided by God, can right human sins.
Due to the fact Jesus’ divinity is so vehemently denied in Quranic and Islamic literature, it raises a…

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