Essay on The Definition Of Truly Living

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The Definition of Truly Living Each person has his or her own vision of what a perfect life looks like and what one would really consider living life to the fullest to be. Living a life of satisfaction can be met through money, love, or even adventure. Also to some, living is as simple as breathing, waking up every morning, and going through the minimum motions of life; but others, however, consider the definition of living to be more purposeful such as living through experiences and memories. Living is more than the medical definition; it is how people take on life and maintain their own kind of satisfaction. The true definition of living is when one can maintain all the aspects of life, such as, adventure, successes, and having a sense of home. Probably the most popular lifestyle that people would associate with living life to the fullest would be the adventuristic lifestyle. These adventurous types of people are always in need of change or something new in their life. They do not seem to settle very often, but like to make the road “home” instead of a specific place. The love for adventure can be expressed in traveling everywhere to experience new cultures and exploring the variety of the world. An Adventurer could also be seen as one who just desires to live in the moment through sporadic events or decisions, and enjoy going with the flow of things. This lifestyle, or more so personality, is usually what people imagine when asked if someone is truly “living”…

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